Helpful, knowledgeable staff. Comparable prices

Monica S

They always have the answers to my questions and are friendly and professional.


I do all of my pool business there

Andrew V

Wonderful service - can always count on them to be prompt, helpful and reliable!

K. Cadman

Very informative and got me what I needed to keep my hot tub clean!

David R

Always helpful. They test water for free and just ask that you buy from them.

Jason B

Got my 24' above ground pool from them. The price was excellent and the installation was perfect. Would highly suggest them to any of my friends.

Dan C

Fast, friendly service.

Jessica S

Very comprehensive and professional support.

Erik P

Being pretty stingy I have cross shopped everywhere for pool supplies, from walmart to Kmart to target, home depot, everywhere in Augusta. I have been impressed that Merit Pools has pricing that is either the same or better than other places.

If you look at walmart, some of their prices are a couple bucks cheaper but there's a catch. A container of cal-hypo chlorine at walmart may be a few bucks cheaper for the same size, but it will be a more diluted / less concentrated form of chlorine, so it's not really cheaper, it's an illusion.

I needed a new pole and net for my pool, walmart's crappy plastic nets were $10 more than the aluminum frame net at Merit, and Merit's nicer poles were cheaper as well... And the people at Merit are actually helpful.

I was expecting that a "pool store" would be much more expensive, and that they would try to screw me over, but I've been pleasantly surprised. I definitely recommend Merit Pools.

Matthew R