Helpful, knowledgeable staff. Comparable prices

Monica S

They always have the answers to my questions and are friendly and professional.


I do all of my pool business there

Andrew V

Wonderful service - can always count on them to be prompt, helpful and reliable!

K. Cadman

Very informative and got me what I needed to keep my hot tub clean!

David R

Always helpful. They test water for free and just ask that you buy from them.

Jason B

Got my 24' above ground pool from them. The price was excellent and the installation was perfect. Would highly suggest them to any of my friends.

Dan C

Fast, friendly service.

Jessica S

Very comprehensive and professional support.

Erik P

Being pretty stingy I have cross shopped everywhere for pool supplies, from walmart to Kmart to target, home depot, everywhere in Augusta. I have been impressed that Merit Pools has pricing that is either the same or better than other places.

If you look at walmart, some of their prices are a couple bucks cheaper but there's a catch. A container of cal-hypo chlorine at walmart may be a few bucks cheaper for the same size, but it will be a more diluted / less concentrated form of chlorine, so it's not really cheaper, it's an illusion.

I needed a new pole and net for my pool, walmart's crappy plastic nets were $10 more than the aluminum frame net at Merit, and Merit's nicer poles were cheaper as well... And the people at Merit are actually helpful.

I was expecting that a "pool store" would be much more expensive, and that they would try to screw me over, but I've been pleasantly surprised. I definitely recommend Merit Pools.

Matthew R

Merit pools is an amazing company with kind and friendly staff. From the start of our pool journey to now they all have been nothing but helpful and kind. They are very knowledgeable and talk you through every step that you will need to know. I highly recommend them! Thank you all for helping us through our pool journey!

Nikki L.

another year of 5 ...professional and excellence and knowledge...that is what the pool closing team has....and Thank You Brian for your help every year...Shannon u rock at the front desk and everything else u help us customers with...the brother team that closes the pool are the best!
if anyone is using a different pool place...switch to Merit Pools...

Cyndi G.

Merit helped Steve and me get the pool up and running after 3 years. They were SO helpful and friendly! Can't wait to have them help me open it in the spring!!

Mary Beth B.

Great Owner. Great Service. Even better quality.

Noah P.

Great people old and New! Thank you for always being there.

Merry S.